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In This Article, I’m Talking About Airlines Technology. Customer-facing and the tunnels this the passenger service system scores across a customer-facing and the systems on the customer-facing.

Then, We have the airline-specific and the common enterprise systems.

This is what I believe apps can address that. ones are the ones that are addressable but very difficult and I wouldn’t get into that area without having a signed first customer.

Airlines tend to use it to personalize their offerings so they want to keep control of it but it’s definitely not their core business and real knowledge and expertise in that area.

It will have a lot of cash. They then take a risk on. So I see the driver take a risk on other parts of their business to bring in more value.

Then public companies look at the specific as I said your specific software cohort of all fields distribution network.

It would be difficult to enter those markets unless we start from smaller lines and move up distribution. Airlines Technology is The excellent.

Although some of those companies also get a lot for other industries transportation industries Mostly these are very well established companies in this space.

After That Let’s look at the passenger services the design form component of the passenger services system. Then the inventories where all the bakeries kept many older seats all the flight schedules and all the booking classes are available.

So The reservation layer is what talks to the outside world mostly the Judaists and the on our website.

Then when the reservation is made we have the ticketing part of the Garces of this ticketing. And there are talks to the payment gateways to the payments and tickets as he should.

Look at the more details here:

So One of the biggest players again on the reservation systems are their ideas and Sabor different ways to access systems.

Then the other way is to do some scrapping on the website itself knowing God some restrict activity and do not allow for crappy.

The Passenger journey

Then The passenger burden Let’s broaden the view and look at what is a journey and so a journey is composed of three phases getting there being there and coming back.

Airlines can only address a very small part of it and they only look at getting there within an airline and themselves and coming back into the.

They are not addressing the broader scope but they’re trying to get there and open this relationship with the traveler.

They also offer through partnerships or belts and car rental. But again this is not really addressed fully by the airlines. They don’t have that capability.

So is there a market for this entire passenger journey. Airlines Technology is excellent. Airlines Technology are awesome Technology

It will be very difficult but I still believe there should be an equal system. Then standards and a certain company should be able to form a relationship and have all the standards in place to enable uneasier trouble.

I give you an example:-

So If you book your flight your hotel your car with different companies even through your online website if you have to cancel your journey you would have to get your airline to cancel your flight.

Go to the hotel and cancel your book and stay then go to your car rental company and cancel your car as is not really convenient. Oh be good to have someone who could take care of this whole journey.

So Now there are companies who take care of getting the air in its entirety and comparing fares for travel.

Train, car, and bus and Many other companies that look at comparing the sleeping part of being there comparing hotels.

So We have the beach for example the area around eating is a big spread. We don’t really have someone who owns that area but it’s a bit difficult.

Moving around is also something that is not covered yet and is very dependent on each city.

The difficulty here in being there is it’s not only a passenger journey but to be relevant in this market. Airlines Technology is excellent.

Maybe the best is really different companies taking care of different areas of the standard. And owning a relationship with a passenger is something that is still missing today.

So why do I believe a study couldn’t do it. Airlines Technology is awesome Technology.

Then Very strictly speaking an airline would not be able to take care of the bus on your journey. Because it’s much bigger than what they are for and they’re not going to see good doing comparison.

Then We look at these deals that were divided into all parts pre-booking pre-flight flight. And the post-flight and we look at who are the players and where the gaps are.

The Airlines Product


The cronut cream bouquet inspiration. What is inspiration is the interaction with the person until he or she is willing to trust. That person because it’s not a passenger yet to see anyone.

So What are the functions that it sees a good product for the alliance a good product? Are you on this one child the customer to the airline website directly without going through an intermediary?

Because it would cost a lot less plenty and for that passenger, a good product will have many of the nation’s oldest nations in the world. Them back.

That’s probably a bit subjective there but lapse would make people want to travel and a section by budget. Airlines Technology is excellent.

When you focus only on the price it’s only one number. But if we want to have all the things around meaning sometimes we have to pay for bags or if be willing to pay more and have a better seat.

It’s hard to compare these offers to other league players. And easyJet as an airline is also a good inspirer for travel. This is the inspiration.

We’ve been on security booking a plane becomes a commodity and it’s very hard for them to differentiate. They are still alive they are.

So Many parents want to be able to sell on partner airline flights and the availability of the course of the booking engine has to be very high for the passenger.

The key functionality here is really the end and how we can get through this step because we already know what we want to fly.

We agree with a price so we just want to finish it as quickly as possible. Pinpoint currently in the offering is the configurability. Airlines Technology is awesome Technology.

2. Pre-Flight

The product pretty flight once the booking is made the period of time ranging from a few hours to few months where the airlines completely forget about the passenger.

This is due historically to the Bieber tickets where once the paper was sold we would see it to come.

But for checking it is her area of time where we have so much information about the passenger and nobody is using it.

So some very rare companies like auction town say upgrades case to the available information we have is the destination date which also means we know the season the departure time of time.

Either the passengers need to be taken care of. And what are the passengers asking for in that area to have the same environment like a home or the office?

So Many activities food and drinks the relaxation area and the showers and all of those things. So it’s really not technology-driven but there could be some changes there.

Then Some Aimpoint identified in this area is limited interaction with the airline and the other passengers.

So What we don’t want to do is having a passenger missing at boarding school. May be reminders and politics should also be included in that boarding.

It’s more than is just going to bring the airplane and the doors are closed. Airlines Technology is excellent.

It is open on checking the was done before and the boarding pass was received to be there and they are all with the best book.

Google now in the control over the field because we the law extended zation. And I don’t know how much but you really there are four airlines in that area. Airlines Technology is awesome Technology.

3. The Flight

Product flight I would just find it here from a product standpoint just from the time the doors are closed and open again.

The biggest technology need is only if he can find entertainment. One of the biggest figures in the film is SNH but there are some interesting developments.

One of them is bored connected to a server that is an airplane in the cabin. Its new devices to smartphones, tablets, and computers just through the Internet without going outside of the air.

So it is cost-effective an unbelievable still for the consumers and just better. You have a better screen better than you are.

Another interesting development is the social flight on a Virgin flight of around 250 fifty passengers and almost no interaction.

Solo flight can be enabled by your connections and networks. So I would see least some fumigations like gaming like why not dating.

You can do just heading out. Or again it could be some services that could be sold.

So the social flight is definitely the next frontier in their end. Product and it will be enabled by the door to peer networks.

4. Post Flight

The product cost flight disembarking from the time the doors open and to the passengers into Derb no one is really important there is really informative.

So I don’t think we can save any time in disembarking through technology.

The important thing that could be done there is informing passengers. Especially connecting passengers delegates that they have to go to or even arriving passengers on whatever is going on in the city that

just arrived in or what to do at the airport before the baggage claim to be on the baggage claim is the World Trade Center.

Yes that problem. And it’s almost an anomaly and it’s the way to track bags. And with some standards, he could be tried by different airlines. It is something that probably needs some disruption.

It is very old technology and there are some developments in the field where for example the older near-field communication to avoid barcodes and have better tracking.

There are also some G.P.A. trackers that can be placed on the bags and can be followed individually. From the airport is almost as close to the airport so that you don’t have your own car.

And the compensation again is a different way to address. And it could be done a lot faster and easier. But that’s something you know I will not invest too much in.

The truth is nobody really to be compensations and we can understand that.


They can’t provide the disruption is any material deviation from the information given in the kids at the time of purchase.

If there is any cancellation or a landing at an airport emergency landing. Whatever this case there is two important functionality is information. And it’s a rebooking the rebooking is a bit difficult because of the rules and the rebooking process has to be home.

I want to make sure that the Republicans comply with their own policies and the information part could be easy to address on the passenger side.

A good product wants to head on the recommendation of the same applications to book a hotel and get vouchers for whatever the airport airlines would have to make investments.

We have a clear return because the people who live here it would only bring a better customer satisfaction.In case of disruption.

If you have any suggestions to improve our list Kindly, leave them in the comment section below will be glad to hear from you with that.

Thank You.

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