Can My Computer Run 4K?

Getting crisp, clear colors while playing games, watching your favorite tv show, or at work is something we all love. A lot of you might think, can my computer run 4k? Well, if you have spent enough on buying the right components for your PC, then it should run 4k, but sometimes, you’ll need to do some extra upgrades to get 4K working on your PC and laptop.

To run 4k on a computer, you need various compatible components. Let’s bust a myth here, the myth is that a lot of people believe that a 4K monitor is all that you need to run 4K videos or content on your computer, but that’s just not it, to get a 4K desktop computer, you need to get not only a compatible monitor but a compatible CPU too.

You need to know the various 4K PC requirements. To get your PC to run 4K, you need to get the CPU’s internal components right. You need a 4K compatible processor, a 4K compatible graphic card, a suitable CPU cooler to keep your parts healthy, and whatnot.

Searching for all this hefty amount of info on the internet can be a massive hassle for anyone. Spending this much time getting some mere price of information is honestly not worth it, but here comes your savior, I will solve your question: Can my PC run 4K? And also, will tell you about the various and right components that you need to get 4K running on your PC.

So, without further wait, let’s get started!!

What are the various other components to get a 4K resolution on PC?

A monitor is definitely the most essential component to be able to Run 4K on your desktop, but as I stated above, it is not the only thing you need to get, below is a detailed explanation about what all other components you need to get it working.

There are various other components requirements to get a fully functional 4k desktop computer. To get those components, you might sometimes need to pay huge and sometimes small sums of money, but as always with the right amount of knowledge in everything, you can save a good sum of money while buying, so let’s know about them.

Graphics Card

Graphics card is one of the most important components after a 4K monitor to be able to run 4K resolution on your desktop computer, to be able to efficiently play 4k content, you need a very high-end graphics card on your CPU.

Be it a game or a video, the PC needs to process a lot of graphic information while running anything on 4k. There are a lot of processes and functions going on, to work them out, the PC needs the support of the Graphics card.

The GTX 1080 is one of the best and the cheapest 4K graphics card and can flawlessly run heavy games and heavy videos efficiently, there is one slight drawback to it though, since there are very few monitors that support this graphic card.

My special tip to you while getting the right graphics card for your PC is that you better get an NVIDIA or GTX graphics card, since they are cheap in pricing and are the market leaders in the budget and in the slightly high budget segment too.


RAM in the case of running 4K is just like a process enhancer, while RAM does not play an essential role in running 4k content, it does play a role in allowing PC to process things at a better speed and more efficiently, which indirectly boosts the 4K render of your PC, so the better the quality of the RAM and the bigger the size, the better and easier it gets to be able to run 4K on your PC.


Let’s bust another myth for you here, most people think that to be able to run 4k on a computer, you need a very heavy processor, which can cost you a huge sum of money, but that is just not the thing, you don’t need a big expensive i9 10th gen kinda processor to do that, all you need is a simple 4th generation chip which I think can be bought at a very simple and low budget.

You can get any intel core i5 or AMD processor and pair it with at least GTX 1080 to be able to run 4K content on your PC but to run it more efficiently.

How to check if my PC can run 4k or not?

If you believe that you have all the necessary and required components to be able to run 4K on your PC, then here are some simple steps that you need to follow to get an answer for can my computer run 4k?

  1. Right-click on the main desktop screen on your Windows 10 PC and click on the display settings option as shown in the image below
  2. Now when you are in the display setting menu, check the highlighted option (as shown in the image below), and it shows that 3840X2160 resolution is available, then congratulations! Your PC supports 4K resolution and you can now enjoy your content in great resolution.


Now that brings us to the end of this article, I very well hope that with our guide, you now can get your answer for: can my PC run 4k? I have busted several very common and widespread myths about running 4K on a PC. Please make sure that you share this article with everyone, who is searching for answers for anything similar.

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