How To Create A Website In WordPress

In This Article, I Talked About How To Create A Website In WordPress from scratch. I’m Tell to cover the entire process step by step.

Organic traffic from Google and keep our visitors entertained. With new content, our blog posts will have these awesome featured images.

So if this all looks good to you and you’re ready to get started this is how to build your very own WordPress Web site.


OK, so the first thing we need to do is register a domain name and web hosting for our Web site.

We’re going to enter whatever we’d like to use as our domain name for our new Web site into this box. And then choose our domain extension on the right.

So I’m just going to skip it for. Then here underneath we’ll see it says domain privacy protection. And this is a 100 percent optional add on.

Where we get a free SSL certificate which is pretty awesome but for the rest of these.

We’re just going to delete it and instead enter create WP 1. So that’s the word create the ladders WP and then the number one creates WP 1. Then when we click the validate button we’ll see. That we’re not getting our first-month web hosting for only one penny.

Also, be sure to note someday money-back guarantee and the 24*7 phone live chat and email support.

Check this box to agree to the terms of service and then click the checkout now button. Then How To Create Website In WordPress Next Step.


Ok, Then Second Install WordPress on Your recommended Hosting site. And then click quick install then here on the left we can click on one-click installs and then choose WordPress in the middle.

So for blog title this is going to be the name of our Web site. And I’m just going to type my new Web site although don’t worry about this too much as we can always change it later than admin user.

WordPress for us automatically in a matter of seconds once it’s finished. We’ll be given a link to our site our user name for logging in and a randomly generated password at this point.

We’re just going to right click this log in button and click open link and new tab. And this is going to open up our WordPress log in screen and a new tab.

Then if we click to log in. This is us going to be logging into what’s known as the WordPress dashboard.

And this is where we can add any content or make any changes to our WordPress Web site. Which by the way is now live online.

It’s already looking pretty amazing but we’re going to build something much better than this.


OK so now that we’ve got WordPress installed the first thing we’re going to do is delete the damn content

We have installed just to quickly explain. What they are plugins are basically like extensions or addons for WordPress

So I’d Recommended The about page and contact us page. Then You Can also make some pages related to your sites.

So that’s things like contact forms and social share buttons. We’re going to come back and cover how to use plugins later but for now, we’re just going to remove the ones that came pre-installed to do this.

We just need to check this box at the top to select all of the plugins and the list then click. Where it says bulk actions and change this to deactivate.

Now if we click apply WordPress is going to deactivate all of the active plugins then once they’ve been deactivated.

Site is now completely empty and ready for us to start customizing. Then How To Create Website In WordPress Next Step.


We’re just going to click where it says appearance on our left dashboard menu. And that’s going to show us any themes we have installed.

If we wanted we could activate one of these other themes on our site. But to be honest there are much better themes we can use.

I’d recommend using the same theme while following along with the tutorial.

Then we can hover our mice over the theme and click install WordPress will then automatically unpack. And install the theme in a matter of seconds and once it’s installed we just need to click activate.

And now when we visit our site by clicking our site title at the top we’ll see that the entire look of our site has changed and it’s already looking much better.


So to customize our theme we just need to click customize at the top. And this is going to open up our main theme options on the left.

We’ll also see a live preview of our site on the right now is some of the options on the left might be a little different. If you decided to use a different theme but usually.

They’ll be pretty self-explanatory or you’ll be able to figure them out with a little bit of trial and error. So Easy to Create A Website From Scratch in 2021.

Personally I’d recommend using a free to like convert dot com to create your site icon. And even your logo if you don’t have one already.

Now is some of this might not make a whole lot of sense right now seeing as. We haven’t got our blogs set up yet but we can always come back and experiment with these options again later if we like.

Personally I recommend just leaving everything here as it is by default. Our site and everything’s starting to look much better than it did before. Then How To Create Website In WordPress Next Step.


Now that we’ve got our theme customized and looking the way. We want it we can start adding some pages to our new Web site

You Can also all Your media’s Account Link In this Website. And You Can make your image full size and centered and once we’ve changed these options we can click.

We also have our different sized subheadings and clickable links and anything else we decided to add.

So for my site I’ve decided to add a contact page and for this. I’ve just started an image and some text with my address and phone number.

We could also have a services page if we offer services and for this one I’ve just started an image text and a few subheadings.

Or any other pages we think we might need for our new Web site.

And now the only thing left to do is congratulate yourself because you’ve just successfully built your very own professional WordPress Web site and saved yourself about a thousand dollars in the process.

And I really hope you’re feeling good about it.

So we have our homepage looking awesome with our banner and our call the action button linking to one of our pages or posts then if we scroll down on the home page we have a list of our different blog posts with featured images.

So if we change the size of our browser window or visit our website on a mobile phone or tablet it’s basically guaranteed to always look amazing.

And that said we’re not at the end of this Article. If You Have Any Problems Build the site then Msg me Via Comment Box. I can reply To Solve Your Query,

Thank You.

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