How To Get Traffic on Pinterest

In This Article, we’re going to Talked about How To Get Traffic on Pinterest. It Is dive right in First Things First I want to talk about the mindsets and we really want to focus on quality over quantity and what do I mean by that.

What I mean is that this is not about how much traffic you can get from your Pinterest images. But rather So as long as you’re thinking of OK rather than getting thousands of traffic and thousands of visitors to Pinterest.

Now how big should the image be? Should it be a small image? Should it be a large image? Which size converts the best.

Because a lot of times when you start from scratch you’re thinking well what kind of images are pin-worthy.

So if your image does not stand out then it’s going to be essentially put away and not even looked at compared to the other beautiful images if that makes sense.

You’ll need to have a blog or a site with high-quality content. If you don’t have it right now that’s totally fine.

What the high-quality content does is it creates a buffer between your sales page and the image or you’re often page. You get them on your lists. They sign up. You build a relationship with them and then you warm them up.

So if you’re not a photographer and you don’t really want to hire a photographer and go about doing that way. You can always purchase what we call royalty-free images that are already professionally make that can fit your niche.

And we’ll talk more about that in the article. And of course some money for optional tools which we’ll talk about in this article. All right.

Creating A Funnel

So visual concepts that are pin must go to high-quality right and content like blog articles Websites in order to be share.

In other words, your image should show the end results or the end desire. And we’ll talk more about that in just a minute.

Your content should partially explain how to achieve the end results or end desire.

So whatever you are selling will complete this solution. So let me explain. It should look like something like this. The image is the first thing that people see on Pinterest.

They click it because they’re interested in it. And we’re talking about people that are on the Pinterest site. So not to be confuse with people who have pinned the image.

So these are people on the pinchers side that are looking on the Pinterest boards. They see an image that they like they click it and then they get send to a write article.

But if you know that they’re not looking for the sale but rather they are somebody who is interested

It’s not just about a beautiful image but it’s an image that has a good description that has text on it and it has a call to action or worse they’re going to go back to Pinterest and alerts everyone else that this image may be misleading or anything like that.

And that’s the goal of today. That’s the goal of this video of course is the get you in the mindset so that you understand that this is the power of Pinterest but it must be done right.

So now let’s talk about the size of your images so your images are small should they be big. What size should they be. What should they look like?

Finding Trending Pins

Now that you understand how do you go about getting ideas on what’s images to use the hack is really to take a look at the trending pens and reverse engineer it.

So these are just images and you’ll notice that a lot of people. They just upload images and images look great and they definitely will get clicks.

But if you scroll down this one here has not only a good image but they also have a good title so if we scroll down further this one has an image.

So what you want to do is scroll down and then look for an image that really stands out. So as we’re scrolling through here I feel like the one. That’s really standing out to me is this one here and this one here.

And the next step is we obviously can see that these people. So we can see this one here is getting about 300 Pinterest shares. It looks like the majority of their traffic is actually coming from Pinterest.

So what a look at the highest content piece that is getting the highest amount of Pinterest.

So that’s why taking a look at your competition essentially. What is actually trending in which one is getting good picture shares and all that and then stick with that?

Second of all let’s stop number two and then type in the domain name and then take a look at their highest picture shares.

That takes a look at how they’ve laid things out on their blog or their Web site. So then try to take a look at a few again and see if there are similarities and commonalities.

So that’s it.

And hope you enjoyed that.

Best Tools To Automate Pin

So this is sort of the Surprise that is going to make you’re pinning much easier pending lots of high quality images is crucial and you really want to be consistent and you want to schedule it ahead of time.

That way you can schedule weeks in advance and then you can focus on the long term as much as possible.

And by doing that and by being consistent that will actually help you gets a good amount of traffic. If you followed this formula so obviously you can’t be near a computer 24/7 either.

So really finding a tool that can help you automate this process as much as possible is important. Then let’s discuss some tools that will help you with this process. There are tons and tons of different tools out there that you can use that you can pay for.

So as you can see it says the number one social media marketing tool for sharing visuals.

So it’s not just for Pinterest it’s for other social media platforms as well. But in terms of utilizing this with Pinterest, it’s actually very very good.

We found that there are some tools out there that will post stuff. But you have no idea on Earth what in the world is actually working and what in the world is actually happening.

So as you can see here you can schedule your content ahead of time so you can put the image you can put hashtags which is something else that we highly recommend that you do.

And remember if you keep it simple and keep your funnel congruent from your image to your content. So forth and follow the blueprint step by step and be consistent at it you will begin to see some traffic.

This Tool You Can Get More Traffic on Any Social Media.

Tool ->MiloTree .

In this article, We learned How To Get Traffic on Pinterest? How To Grow on Pinterest? Finding Trending Pins?

Thank You For Reading This Article.

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