Technology helps COVID-19 Pandemic

Where experts break down a trending topic in international business. why it matters to you as we all face the challenge. So we think about technology is playing and not only helping us be productive as we deal with this pandemic. what impact it means to have our kind of be more connected in a global economy. that Technology helps COVID-19 in the world.

So I think the first thing is to recognize that we’ve become increasingly digital. It has been something that’s been happening a transformation for many years. I think in many ways the ROO realities of kind of working from home and social distancing. It has given us kind of just an incredible leap forward.

The globe but frankly even those that might live in their own neighborhood. He tries to stay connected and productive while keeping social distancing.

Then the first thing is digital tools, the second thing is these digital tools require us to go ahead and really more. And reliance on technologies like the internet and wireless technologies.

we need this communications infrastructure to keep us connected keep us informed. the lessons learned in one part of the world to affect and change the way.

They can manage our global technology from governance as well as a kind of resource allocation. For example, streaming services have been downgraded in many countries from high-definition television to standard definition.

we know in the quest program we have a collaboration going on with entrepreneurs in Africa. And students have been working with the kind of internationally across boundaries using technologies like Whatsapp and Google Hangouts. And used to kind of communicate with people down the street and not only people across the globe. Then again more globally interconnected means of technology as well.

Growing traceability and transparency by sharing knowledge

Throughout a pandemic, send the messaging to the population is important to ensure they’re knowledgeable and reminded to make use of applicable precautions. A number of teams have utilized the trending applied sciences like technology, invention, IoT and extra, to offer visibility on the Breakout. Technology helps COVID-19 are important to this pandemic situation.

mobile technologies are no more important. Than ever whether it’s the data that’s will be collected to go ahead and help us identify. And attack problems related to COVID-19 redeployed resources in the supply chain or medical personnel and resources.

We think while this pandemic has so many negative implications and those people who are suffering or have loved ones. All are suffering we do see technology kind of really helping us not only cope with the changes. that are taking place but give us new and innovative ways to collaborate and be more connected globally through information technology.

However we need to think about the role. technology plays to help with public health and keeping us connected. We digital is one staying globally connected through networks is number two. I think the third and perhaps most transformative impact.

A social platform like Instagram, Facebook has partnered with WHO on COVID-19 to assist hold their customers educated with appropriate, well-timed details, together with a stay stream from the WHO the place customers will have the ability to ask questions and search solutions.

After That In India, telecom operators like Jio, Idea, BSNL, Airtel, and extra, are utilizing the caller tunes to unfold consciousness concerning the pandemic. Technology helps COVID-19 are important in our life.

The Technology used in COVID-19 (Robotics)

COVID-19 makes the world understand how closely we depend on human interactions to make issues work. Labor intensive companies, corresponding to retail, meals, manufacturing, and logistics are the worst hit.

However, COVID-19 offered a powerful push to roll out the utilization of robots and analysis on robotics and robotics invention. In current weeks, robots have been using to not infect areas and to ship food to those in quarantine. Drones are used to provide personal health Equipment, food, and medical campuses.

In Addition there are some reports that predict many manufacturing jobs. And It can be changed by robots sooner, new jobs can been created within the course of. 

Insurance policies should be in place to supply ample coaching and social welfare to the labor pressure to embrace the change.

India is negotiating with Russia on the Corona vaccine Sputnik V

Amidst the growing havoc of the Corona virus across the world, India has now overtaken Brazil to the second position. Meanwhile, the Indian government has stepped up efforts to get Corona’s vaccine.

Negotiations are currently taking place between India and Russia on the supply and production of the recently launched Russian Corona Vaccine Sputnik V. Russia’s Ambassador to India Nikolay Kushadev has informed about this.

On August 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave information about the world’s first corona vaccine. So The name of the corona vaccine is Sputnik V. Russia proposed to India the mass production of the Corona vaccine.

Then Now India is discussing with Russia the supply of the Kovid vaccine, together with production and other issues. According to the Lancet Journal, no serious side effects of the Kovid 19 vaccine. Sputnik V has been revealed in the initial trial. Russia has shared methods of cooperation with India on Sputnik V, Government of India is currently studying it.

Russia’s Ambassador Kushadev said that after some necessary technical procedures, the Sputnik vaccine can be used extensively in other countries affected by Corona. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar is expected to discuss Corona’s vaccine even during the upcoming Russia tour.

Russia is going to make Corona vaccine Sputnik V available to common citizens from this week. So Sputnik V vaccine is created by the Gamalaya Research Institute of Moscow in collaboration with the Russian Ministry of Defense. A top Russian official has said that from this week the Coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V will be given to common citizens.

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