The iconic Mini Cooper is an electric car – mini cooper price in india

The Mini is an icon like no other in the automotive industry. Small, handy “in hand” and with an unmistakable design that conjures a smile on the face of many passers-by. But what happens if a car with more than 50 years of history also gets an electric drive in motorsport? mini cooper price in India?

Actually nothing. The cornerstone of the Mini Cooper’s success is clearly its chassis. It is extremely playful and gives the driver a unique feeling whenever he gets behind the wheel. Let me tell you honestly that I was afraid of what would happen when the Mini gets electric power. I was afraid it might erase the iconic feeling of driving. It didn’t happen! Unfortunately, the problems occurred elsewhere.

However, the typical “recipe for success” Mini is still available and electrification certainly did not harm it. In today’s test, we will look mainly at:

  • How to drive a Mini Cooper SE
  • Where the carmaker made the biggest mistake
  • Why the range is lower than the competition
  • it takes to charge to 100%
  • How much does an electric Mini cost

The mini is generally a go-kart for adults as such. In the electric version, this secret password is kept like a tick and I had a lot of fun driving. Whether more dynamic cornering or normal driving every day, I have never been disappointed in the driving characteristics.


135 kW, torque of 270 Nm, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds in the case of an electric car are not enough. And no one can have problems with dynamics, and what’s more. You will be very pleasantly pleased with the features. The Mini Cooper SE has 32.6 kWh, which is a relatively common and nothing special capacity for the averages of city electric cars.

The Electric Mini has a total of four driving modes to choose from, Sport, Mid, Green, and Green +. The biggest difference is between the Green and Sport modes. Where the range on the on-board computer immediately jumped 30 km in favor of the “green” modes. I would like to point out that in both ecological modes the car is significantly lazy on the gas. And in the case of Green +, you even have all comfort appliances switched off, such as air conditioning or heating.

What really bothered me was the highest degree of recuperation, which I found too aggressive to brake. Of course, in this case, it is enough to use only one pedal. But somehow the finer setting of the recuperation system has grown more into my heart. However, the recuperation itself cannot be switched off completely.

Mini cooper

During more than 700 kilometers driven, the resulting consumption stopped at the level of 14.6 kWh. I usually reached the maximum range after almost zero discharge of about 190 km. Although BMW states 270 kilometers, honestly, this is a value that cannot be achieved with comfortable and unrestricted driving. Urban and suburban driving can push the range over 200 km, but that’s probably where it ends.

Mini Cooper- An Electric Car

A big positive and, in the case of electric cars, an explicit necessity, is fast charging. The manufacturer has integrated support for 50 kW DC fast charging, which charges the battery. For example, from 10 to 100% in an hour and 16 minutes. Of course, keep in mind that from 80%, charging is rapidly slower. Fast charges during visits to shopping centers are more than welcome. And in just 10 minutes the car is able to push 7.5 kW, which is enough for a 40-50 km drive without any problems.

Charging from a home 230V charger will take about 10 hours. Using charging, where and when possible, is also in this case a “mindset”. Which must be borne in mind before buying a city electric car. I will give another example of charging from 46%, ie almost half-discharged battery. The Mini was able to charge to 80% in just 17 minutes.

Electric cars are like smartphones or other consumer devices. Without proper software, it will never be that way. Unfortunately, here I have encountered several key disadvantages with the Mini. First of all, it is the lack of a plethora of safety assistants, such as lane-keeping. predictive autonomous steering, which definitely belongs to more than € 40,000 in an electric car (a model I tested). Without it, it somehow loses the futurism and advantage over cheaper, but still equally “hardware” equipped competitors.

I have to admit that for a long time I got used to a bit of non-intuitive infotainment. Which shares the features with that in BMW, but the Mini somehow unnecessarily recombined it and spoiled the minimalist impression. Many times it even happened to me that the system had to be restarted and did not respond to instructions. The dominant feature is the main display in the middle, which is surrounded by hardware shortcut keys.

The built-in navigation works well and supports the display of charging stations from providers such as Greenway or ZSE. On the center display, you can even download current data to maps, weather forecasts, or view the latest news from abroad thanks to the built-in data SIM card.

The ambitious backlighting of the interior with the engraved English flag on the dashboard by the passenger also has a valuable and very original effect. The interior is really something that makes the Mini significantly different from the rest of the e-car “clamp”.

However, I am sorry for the absence of more settings and personalization of the digital display in front of the driver. Who is very strict with the information and does not use the potential at all. Forget about functions such as navigation projection or special graphical interface. The display can take basic data on consumption, speed, distance traveled, and, of course. Shows the degree of use of the electric motor and all essential information about time or speed when charging.


Support is, unfortunately, missing from Android Auto, but Apple CarPlay is supported here and even in a wireless version with all the appropriate benefits. An excellent element is also the Harman Kardon audio system, which manages its role in a star unit.

Let’s move on to the exterior, which is really atypical, and to the proportions of the Mini, which arouses real curiosity in people. This is also due to the specially designed 17-inch MINI Electric Power wheel discs, which help to improve the airflow and reduce aerodynamic drag.

Mini cooper

I had a car in a beautiful silver color with yellow accessories and rear-view mirrors in this color, which ultimately only intensified the extravagant, but truly unique range of the Mini, which we all adore so much.

The Electric Mini is only available in a three-door version, and sitting in the rear seats is problematic for people, measuring more than 185-190 cm, but not impossible. It is therefore more of a car that can comfortably serve a two-member couple peacefully even for longer trips. I deliberately left my favorite feature on the Mini at the end. The electric version, apart from the various features that it is an electric car, never ceases to amaze with the beautiful light signature of the rear LED headlights, which are made in the shapes of the British flag. Fancy, beautiful, and unique – all thumbs up.


It was hard for me to find the right words for whom and how to actually recommend the Mini Cooper SE. It is expensive and costs more than 38.85 lakh. On the other hand, what other cities electric car has such a strong image among people that even such a modified version arouses interest in them and they claim that it is a beautiful car. mini cooper price in India.

The problem would not be a weaker range (Citigo iV gives more than 260 km on a single charge and costs a fraction of the price) or the lack of technical equipment, but Slovakia simply does not have an ideal target group for this electric car. mini cooper price in India. 

Mini Cooper SE is a very successful piece, which has a lot of things that competitors lack, but I really can’t recommend it to ordinary Slovaks, and especially at a time when you need to buy an electric car with caution.

In This Article, We Learn About The iconic Mini Cooper is an electric car – mini cooper price in India? Personalization of mini cooper? Characteristics of mini cooper?

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