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Xiaomi Mija Smart Shoe for Men

Hello Friends, I am jeel, The review Of Xiaomi Mija Smart Shoes. Then The shoes you will get the shoe tracker device Shoe size is mention on the box with the show.

Here is one more interesting product by Xiaomi Mija Smart shoes, but this is not an ordinary shoe. This is SMART shoes and features of these smart shoes Keep reading.

Then All the products of the Xiaomi company are being well-liked by the people. With every other person, we get to see some gadgets of Xiaomi. Because of the quality of Xiaomi’s products, its service, and low prices, people are also very fond of it. But now the company has launched a product that you will not be able to live without buying. Let us know that the Chinese company Xiaomi has launched Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 after mobiles.

Xiaomi mija Shoes

It is worth noting that a few days ago, Xiaomi released a teaser in which it was shown that the Xiaomi company is going to launch Smart Shoes in India soon.

After this now the company has also launched this footwear in India. Also, let us know that it is first available on the company’s crowdfunding platform.

So Talk about these shoes, the company is claiming that these shoes have been made with 5-in-1 uni-molding technology. Not only this, but 5 types of materials have also been used to prepare them.

Because of which these shoes are shock-proof, durable, and slip-resistant. Synthetic rubber outsole, vacuum press midsole, TPU midsole balancing patch, cushion patch, and PU supporting layer have been used to make Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2.

Xiaomi mija Shoes Review

Talk about their price, the price of these shoes on the company’s crowdfunding platform has been start as Rs 2,499. Currently, Black, Gray and Blue color has been made in Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2. The delivery of these shoes will start on 15 March.

The price of Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 in India has been fixed at Rs 2,999. this shoe 632 units of shoes have been sold. due to which about 12 percent of the company’s target has been met. Shoes’ crowdfunding listings will only be live for 10 days.

Regarding the shoes, the Xiaomi company says that ’10-fishbone structure reduces the risk of improv balance, comfortable cushioning and sudden sprain during or support’.

The company also says, ‘These shoes are ultra-comfortable. So Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 is make from breathable mesh fabric, that is why you can easily wash them if you want. ‘

This is Amaz fit Shoe tracker Amazfit you know they make Pace smartwatches, Bip smartwatches. It is what you get inside the box.

This is Xiaomi Mijia Smart shoes Excellent quality, available in 3 colors Black, Blue, and Light Grey. It is light grey This shoe is made for walking, Jogging, Running kind of activities.

Xiaomi Mija Smart Shoes is a fishbone arc lock system this design fits feet tightly and reduces the risk of sprain in movement.

So It is very comfortable to wear this shoe.  The sole on the bottom is make of good quality rubber.

Here is the Xiaomi Mijia Logo Sole is lightweight and is slip-resistant and pretty strong. Though this is a smart shoe. It gets smart only when you put the Tracking chip inside To Smart Tracking Chip, remove the insole. There is a Compartment inside.

How Does It Work?

You can Put The Smart Tracker inside the shoe. Remove the rubber and then put it in the chip. Now, these compartments are present in both the left and the right shoes Now these.

its using Bluetooth 4.0 technology Inside this packet. He will get a tracker a special shoe tracker that you can use in Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes. You also get this user manual there is a QR code in this. You can scan that simply download and install the Mi Fit application from the store.

The orange strap Inside there is the Button Cell battery in the battery compartment. In case you want to replace the battery, this is how it needs to be done.

There is 6 axis sensor in this tracker, IP67 certified, waterproof, and this tracker can carry up to 200 Kg weight. I Guess will last for over 2 Month – depends on your usage.

It Smart tracker put in Shoe and now put this intelligent chip inside the shoe. How to insert tracker in This shoe.

The final step is to wear shoes and calibrate. That you need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart for 5 seconds with this process. The chip will know the distance between each step.

So It is Mi Fit and You can be recording all data In the Fit app. Use the mi fit app there you will get the shoe data/report. Here is compassion this is Shoe data.

This is Amazfit Pace Smartwatch data and this is Amazfit Pace Smartwatch data. You know the difference here between the shoe and watch one more data. This is Amazfit Pace smartwatch data.

Let’s keep going with transportation.

Thank You.

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